Senin, 14 Desember 2015

Mother deeply moving poem to be read

a thing that you love to a mother, who had conceived nine months and give birth to you into this world. and the mother gave birth to a baby who mentaruhkan his own life for the sake of the fruit of her beloved. a mother without stopping loving and loved, who gave birth to us. PuIsI CiNta

Without a mother, we will not be born in this world, the sacrifice of a mother, it is remarkable that no one on this earth is more precious than a mother. PuIsi Cinta therefore, we sometimes do not hurt the feelings of a mother who has loved and loves us all.

Latest Loving Mother Poems

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Mother Of God's Greatest Gifts For Kita

Mother greatest gift of god to us
Mother candles burn himself with the light of our lives
Mother another name of goodness
Mother holding us nine months and suffered
Mother feeding of blood and milk
Mother still able to sleep all night holding us
Mother taught us how to walk and talk
Mother guide us and we secured
Loving mother us from start to finish
Mother is the mother no one can replace him

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 I love mom

You who have given birth to this world I
You're always there in every I buth and I fell in a matter
You're meant to me
I'm sorry that I had always hurt
Belalian the love you gave me nothing can replace
You always give me the spirit through all these preformance
You're willing to give what you have for me
You give up the whole mind and body when you gave birth to me
Patience is second to none
I love you so much
I wish mother was always at my side
I do not want the mother away from the life I

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Mother Is a Heaven Star

Mrs ..
You're the greatest woman I have
You're taking care of a little until I grow up
With genuine affection from you
You never tired of taking care
You Willing to do anything for the sake of your children

Mrs ..
Sacrifice, u really very large
You taught me berjala guard until I could walk
And you also taught me to speak until I can talk
AKN not righteousness that can be replaced by me

Mrs ..
When I'm sad you're the first person who cheer
Forgive me if I've been often hurt you
And thank mothers for all that you gave me
Your mother is a star that will shine in heaven

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Cries the Mother Beloved

In the smile you hide letihmu
Suffering day and night befall
Not for one moment stop your steps
To be able to give new hope to me

Pile of diatribe always toward you
Insults as bright no matter to you
You always step forward for my future
Looking for new hope for son

Not a pile of gold you harapankan in my success
Not a roll of money that you ask in my success
Nor a piece of bronze in victory
But the desire of your heart happy I

And you always bekata me
I love you now and when I am no longer with you
I love you my son with the sincerity of my heart